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110v 370W Automatic Wire Stripper Stripping Machine Scrap Copper

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110v 370W Automatic Wire Stripper Stripping Machine Scrap Copper

This machine is suitable for various types of wire, wire, silk, wrapped in aluminum. Size can be followed by line and hole.
Waste wire and cable capable of stripping diameter (1/13 ‘to 1′).
1.Push the Switch up to turn the Motor ON, Check whether the machine work well.
Make sure There are no people on the output side of the machine.
Comparing the cables/wires’ diameters with the feeding holes on the machine, feeding the cables/wires one piece at one time.
Before feeding the cables/wires, please cut off the head of the cables/wires, to avoid gaps caused to the blades.
2.On the output side, if the cuts on the cables/wires are too deep, please check below points:
①、Please adjust the handles on the input side, screw down or loose them. (M12 handles)
②、Check whether the cables/wires on the right position as you feeding them.
③、Make sure the blades are sharp, if not, polish them with the oil stone
3.If the cables/wires were Blocked in the axises, please check below points:
①、If the springs on the press wheels are too tight, loose them.
②、There are too much oil on the cables/wires, please wipe it(make sure the machine is turned off when you wipe the axises)
Voltage:110V(If you need 220V, contact us)
Rated Power :550W
Weight :57.2lb (26kg)
Blades adjuster
A: (14mm)cores flat  cables/wires feeding  slots  
B: Diameter 1-3.5mm cables/wires’ feeding  hole
C: Diameter 3.5-5mm cables/wires’ feeding  hole
D: Diameter 5-9mm cables/wires’ feeding  hole
E: Diameter 9-13mm cables/wires’ feeding  hole
Make sure the cables/wires’ diameter are similar with the feeding holes ,large cables/wires in large feeding holes,small cables/wires in small feeding holes,flat Cables/wires in flat feeding holes.
Item included:
110v Automatic Wire Stripper Machine   (153080)

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